Ekonomernas dagar
28th February 2018
Stockholm Sports center


The four preparational & inspiring pre-events that lead up to the fair are a major part of Ekonomernas Dagar. The pre-events range from exciting lectures with speakers from famous companies, to work-shops where you will be able to put your skills to the test! Overall, the pre-events are a mix of theoretical and practical activities with a business focus. All four preparational events have different objectives, but they all have the same purpose: to prepare students for networking with companies and the interview sessions with companies.

Discover EY

NOVEMBER 1st – Representatives from EY will help you to develop your presentation skills and guide you through case solving strategies.

Entreprenörernas Dagar

DECEMBER 6th – The event will focus on how to succeed as an entrepreneur and how you can improve your personal branding.

CV Night with Academic Work

JANUARY 29th – Get feedback on your CV with concrete advice on what you can improve by joining us with Academic Work.

EY Recruitment Night

FEBRUARY 21st – Get advice from EY on how to improve your interview skills and learn more about their recruitment process while getting some tips and tricks along the way.

About us

Empowering business students to solve the challenges of tomorrow

Ekonomernas Dagar is the biggest project arranged by Föreningen Ekonomerna. We are not attached to one of the committees. The project involves over a 100 students and is held for the 37th time in 2018. The project takes the shape of four preparational & inspiring pre-events leading up to our main event consisting of one of the biggest Career Fairs for business & economics students in Sweden. During the fair day the 28th of February 2018, we have around 70 companies exhibiting with approximately 3000 visitors. Together we create a place for students and companies to meet. Since we first started, EY has been our main sponsor and Co-Organizer, they provide us with invaluable info regarding the needs of of the corporate world.

our team

Christian Cederlind

Project Manager

Emelie Nordlander

Project Manager

Alexander Wahlgren


Ebba Hallman

Sponsorship Manager

Ellen Freij

Banquet Manager

Mathias Nordgren

Logistics Manager

Lizeth Martinez

Head of IT

Isak Gottberg

Art Director

Réne Hasoon

Head of Marketing

William Ramstedt

Event Coordinator

Julia Karlsson

Event Coordinator

Peter Bebawy

Event Coordinator

Jacob Öster

Corporate Relations

Nelly Bahari

Corporate Relations

Armin Manouchehr

Corporate Relations

Caroline Krook

Corporate Relations

Nicki Dehghani

Corporate Relations


These are the participating companies for this year's fair.

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