April 17, 2019

Get Involved

The application to become a part of the Project Group of Ekonomernas Dagar 2020 is now OPEN! 

Are you the one we are looking for?

Being involved in Ekonomernas Dagar gives you as a student the opportunity to work with the biggest project run by the Business Association at Stockholm University. Moreover it gives you experience from working in a project form, a merit sought-after by many corporations today. Furthermore, you will be given the opportunity to expand your professional network, not only on campus, but also in the corporate world, something crucial for your future.

Over 100 students work actively with Ekonomernas Dagar, taking on roles with a big amount of responsibility. This is where you come in. Right now, we’re searching for the Project Group of ED 2020! The Project Group works from day one to build a solid foundation for all the events leading up to the main event, the career fair.

We look forward to receiving your applications and we can’t wait to start working with you throughout the upcoming year!

We welcome non-swedish speaking students for the following positions:

Marketing Manager

IT Manager

Art Director

Below you can read the role descriptions of the positions available

CLICK HERE TO APPLY No later than 28/4


Ekonomernas Dagar 2020 is seeking a project coordinator who will be in charge of assisting our Project Managers in organizing, recruit motivated individuals to the project and ensuring that project deadlines are met in time. As the coordinator your main responsibility will be to recruit motivated individuals to the project. You are expected to interview and recruit motivated individuals to the project, when it comes to both associates and co-workers. In addition to this, you will also assist the project managers in coordinating the information flow between members of the project group. We are looking for an outgoing, organized person with outstanding communication skills and one who is not afraid to take own initiatives.


As the Art Director you are responsible for the visual appearance of the project and how it is communicated visually. You will work closely with the marketing manager to make sure that we translate ideas into imagery. You will create posters for our events and contribute with our marketing knowledge to many parts of the project. We are looking for someone with an eye for graphic design who has the ability to make people stop and look. You should have practical experience of graphic design, enjoy using your creativity and be able to show a portfolio of your previous work.


As a Corporate Manager your main responsibility will be to bring in exhibitors to the fair and to be the main point of contact for the corporations. Moreover you will be responsible for the management of corporate relations and therefore we are looking for a person with outstanding communication skills. You will act as an account manager and will have contact with the companies to make sure they have all the information they need up until, and during, the career fair. We are looking for goal-oriented people with positive attitude and doer willing to go to the extra mile in order to meet, satisfy and fulfill corporate needs. Experience from sales is meriting, but not a requirement.


Ekonomernas Dagar consist of a number of pre-events in addition to the fair, these pre-events will facilitate reducing the gap between students and the corporate world. As a Event Manager you will be working with all of the events leading up to the fair. You will also be responsible for all of our interview sesions, including the administration of them and making sure they run smoothly during the fair. Furthermore your responsibility is to recruit speakers for the fair and all of the pre-events. We are looking for creatives with a talent for brainstorming. An Event Manager should enjoy working in a group and should value a proactive approach.


As the Sponsorship Manager your main goal is to find sponsors for our different events and the fair through goods or services. In exchange you will work closely with our marketing team and our art director to ensure the companies exposure and visibility throughout the project. You will contact many different businesses and therefore it is expected of you to have a professional approach and possess great communication skills. Experience from sales is meriting, but not a requirement.


As the Logistic Manager you are responsible for structuring the fair together with Workman. The role mainly consists of how we can manage and organize the venue in the best possible way, but you will also manage and organize the work around it. A fair with 3000 visitors requires that everything runs smoothly and this will be your task. We are looking for someone with great organizational skills and a positive attitude taking on this challenge.


As the Sustainability Manager your main responsibility will be to consolidate sustainability as a central part of the project. You will be responsible to overlook and guarantee that Ekonomernas Dagar upholds environmental standards and take steps towards a greener future. As the Sustainability Manager you will get the chance to implement strategies that reduce ecological damage and promote long-term sustainability. We are looking for someone with an interest regarding environmental strategies and a sustainable approach.


As the IT Manager your main responsibility will be to manage our website, www.ekonomernasdagar.com, Linkedin and continue the development of our application. You will continuously update the website with relevant information and run the administration behind it. Previous experience from creating apps is a huge plus. We are looking for someone with a technological mindset who enjoys working with IT related questions. Knowledge in WordPress and application is meriting, but not a requirement.


As the Marketing Manager you will be responsible for the communication towards students and corporations. Your tasks are versatile and will consist of everything from working strategically creating the marketing plan, to being in charge of our social media channels. You will be responsible for marketing the career fair and our events leading up to the fair. Together with the Art Director you will work towards strengthening the brand of Ekonomernas Dagar. We are looking for someone who’s not afraid to take initiative and who uses his or her’s creativity to find the best communication channels for our project.


As the Banquet Manager you will be responsible for the grand finale of the project, the banquet. The banquet was attended by over 300 guests last year and additionally over 200 guests attended the afterparty. You will be the main point of contact for all suppliers involved with the banquet, and everything from logistics to entertainment will be your responsibility. Due to the relationship with suppliers, we are looking for someone with a professional approach and great communication skills. We are looking for someone with an eye for details and whose creativity will contribute in creating yet another fabolous banquet.