Ekonomernas Dagar teams up with Hubert to provide students and companies with interviews powered by Artificial Intelligence

At the same time as we’ve had to face the rapid transformation of organizing the career fair to a digital format, it has also been the time for reflection about how things were done before. Many of the processes and tools used in the project haven’t evolved in decades while the expectations of both students and companies have increased.  

This year, Ekonomernas Dagar is cooperating with Hubert to deliver the first step of the interview process powered by artificial intelligence (AI). One of the main benefits of AI is transparency and lack of bias in the process. Students will be partly selected based on how they perform during this first stage but also be able to receive feedback on how to improve in the future. For the people behind the scenes of Ekonomernas Dagar as well as for the companies, the entire process becomes a lot more streamlined and transparent. At the same time, it enables recruiters to spend more time on the interviews with the selected candidates. 

 We see this as an amazing opportunity to improve our digital tools in a way that enables all stakeholders to have a better experience during Ekonomernas Dagar. Our mission is to empower business students at Stockholm University, so we are making this tool available for all companies and students while the team at Hubert assists us with the technical support and implementation. 

Check out more details regarding the process of AI-interviews here: https://hubert.ai/process and stay tuned for more updates regarding Ekonomernas Dagar!

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