Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions by companies attending the fair

How specifically does the marketing packages differentiate?

Package 1 includes; A collective Instagram flow post, where all companies of this price-package are presented. An individual Instagram story post that presents the company on a more deeper level. A collective and individual post on Facebook and a collective post on linked in.

Package 2 includes everything in package one but with the additions of an individual post on our Instagram flow, an individual Instagram story post (two in total), an IGTV-video on Instagram dedicated to your company and a LinkedIn video dedicated to your company.

The difference in publicity is considerable and the marketing in previous years has had a big impact on the interest of students!

What's the point of Breakfast/lunch/banquet during a digital fair?

ED will provide both breakfast and lunch during the TV-Day (Fair day). Since livestreaming is included in Package 2, at least one representative from the company needs to be present. Here is the chance for companies to present themselves and answer interesting question from our TV-Host. The Video is then made available through a VoD on all ED platforms. 

Is it possible to buy more interview sessions than those included in the package?

Indeed! It is very much possible. The price for this is 400 SEK per interview over the initial interview limit specified in your chosen package.

Do not hesitate to contact to make arrangements for more interviews

For how long will we receive screen time for the TV-Studio interview?

Screen time for each companies will be between 20 and 30 minutes. Your schedule will be sent out to all Students and placed on our media platforms two weeks before the fair takes place!