Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions by students attending the fair

What is Ekonomernas Dagar?

Ekonomernas Dagar is the biggest project arranged by Föreningen Ekonomerna. The project involves over a 100 students and is held for the 42nd time in 2022. The project takes the shape of four preparational & inspiring pre-events leading up to our main event consisting of one of the biggest Career Fairs for business & economics students in Sweden.

You can read more about us here!

When will the fair be held?

The fair will take place the 6th of December.


How do I apply for company events?

For 2022, Ekonomernas Dagar will use the StudentNode platform for the interview sessions. It’s very simple! You simply sign up with an account, you may need to clarify information about your studies but otherwise should take less than one minute! Then you simply follow the instructions for the companies you would like to sign up for.

Is it free for students to attend Ekonomernas Dagar?

Of course! The fair has been and will always be free for the students attending!

How can I get updates on the fair?

Follow us on Social media: @ekonomernasdagar to stay tuned!