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Ekonomernas Dagar
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Ekonomernas Dagar is a project completely run by business students at Stockholm University. Our mission is to empower business students to solve the challenges of tomorrow. Each year we organize a career fair, allowing students to meet and network with their potential future employer. 

Find out about what’s happening behind closed doors and what we’ve been working on. Here you’ll be able to read about our latest updates into the planning and the partnerships for the upcoming edition of Ekonomernas Dagar. 

Ekonomernas Dagar 2021

Ekonomernas Dagar is the biggest project organized by Föreningen Ekonomerna, the Business Association at Stockholm University. The project consists of several pre-events followed by the

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The F.E.ST. Podcast

Listen to the project leader discuss Ekonomernas Dagar 2021

The Business Association Podcast

Welcome to the official podcast of the Business Association at Stockholm University. The podcast is featuring different content, ranging from interviews of different project leaders in the association to updates into major events taking place. 

In this featured episode, the hosts are welcoming the project leaders of Ekonomernas Dagar to discuss the implications of Covid-19 on the project.