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Have an impact on the biggest career fair for business students at Stockholm University.


Ekonomernas Dagar

Involving between 40-60 companies and over a 100 students on a yearly basis, Ekonomernas Dagar (ED) has become one of the largest project arranged by students at Stockholm University. 

The project is attracting several thousands visitors each year, looking to broaden their network, find internships or get an interview with their dream company. 

ED 2021 will be the 40th time this project is being organized!

Highlights of joining as an Associate

As an Associate you join the project group of Ekonomernas Dagar in building the best possible fair for business students at Stockholm University. It’s a fantastic opportunity to build new skills, socialize with new people and gain insight into what it’s like to work in a large project. No previous experience is required! 

It’s also a lot of fun along the way – internal events, kick-offs and of course the ED Banquet! 

Available Associate Roles for ED 2021


Want to lay the roots for your future career within the corporate world?

Then apply to be a corporate associate!

To be an associate within the corporate team this year, you have to be social, confident and have strong communicative skills.

You will be the contact person for several big companies and whilst this is a great opportunity for yourself personally, we expect you to take responsibility for your work in a professional manner.


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Do you enjoy talking to people and creating new relationships? Are you interested in connecting with marketing and event managers at different well-known companies? 

If so, apply now for the role as a sponsorship associate! 

To be a sponsorship associate you have to be; outgoing, well-structured (both workwise and with time management) and confident enough to contact companies and build relationships. You will gain insight into several new companies, whilst also being a part of a creative and ambitious team.


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As a banquet associate, you will be part of planning and executing the amazing finale for the project: the Banquet!

You’re social and positive as well as reliable and organised in your work, without forgetting having fun along the way.

Your tasks will be diverse relating to everything that goes into the banquet and the after-party, and you’ll definitely be able to see the results of your work concretely!


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Event & Logistics

Are you a creative and organised doer, a problem solver and team player? As an Event Associate, you will be working alongside a fun and dedicated team!

You will work with both organising pre-events and the programme as well as the logistics of the fair itself.

The various tasks range from arranging interview sessions, pre-events and speaker sessions to decorating, organising and planning sustainable options regarding the fair’s logistics and everything in between!


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Are you interested in social media management, art directing and photography? Do you spend hours on Instagram to get the best feed?

Then you should definitely apply as an Associate within the Marketing Team!

Working closely with the two Marketing Managers you will be responsible to maintain our social media layout throughout all our channels, create and edit content for Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. It is fun, creative, flexible and a great experience!


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An important part of the project this year. IT group is responsible for developing all the digital tools for making sure ED has the best possible platform to reach out to both companies and students.

As an IT associate you will be working with everything IT and web development related. You will need to have a creative mind and some ideas of how to further develop our webpage as well as some previous experience in webdesign.

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