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Available Roles
ED 2024

Corporate Manager

Responsible for contacting, communicating and signing exhibitors for the career fair. Some of the activities include:

  • Establishing contact with potential participating companies
  • Agreeing on terms of participation 
  • Drawing up sign-up contract
  • Maintaining contact up until, and after fair day
  • Maintaining contact with other departments regarding corporate needs and requests

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager is responsible for the strategic marketing actions throughout the project. Some of the actives include:

  • Creating a strategic plan for the marketing of the fair
  • Keeping daily contact with the project leaders
  • Create a posting schedule for marketing and plan posts
  • Reaching more, and a greater variety of students
  • Creating features of the exhibiting businesses for social media purposes
  • Exercising your creativity in acquiring more followers and building up a hype around our social media accounts!
  • Involved in recruiting your own team 

Event Manager

Responsible for planning and executing events leading up to and during the career fair. Some of the activities include:

  • Planning and executing pre-events
  • Planning keynote speakers and interview sessions
  • Organizing company events
  • Ensuring smooth operations on the day of the fair 
  • Working closely with the logistics manager
  • Involved in recruiting your own team

Fair Manager

Responsible for the logistical and administrative duties leading up to and during the career fair. Some of the activities include:

  • Placing the participating companies on the ED’s map
  • Structuring the Recycling at ED
  • Structuring the work schedule for everyone involved in the project
  • Solving logistical issues
  • Helps ensure the sustainability of the event by developing the logistics plan
  • Involved in recruiting your own team

Technology Manager

Some of the responsibilities and activities include: 

  • All which allows for the smooth operation of Ekonomernas Dagar on the technical side.
  •  Includes the Website, Analytics, other platforms and any miscellaneous responsibilities needed for ED to properly function
  • Continue the improvement and design of the website
  • Freedom to take on projects that interest you and improve Ekonomernas Dagar

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