Ekonomernas Dagar

Sustainability Policy 2021

Ekonomernas Dagar 2022 42nd anniversary

We will strive for a fair that is as environmentally and socially sustainable as possible according to our Project Group’s best capability. For the first time in the history of Ekonomernas Dagar, there is going to be an official Guideline in order to ignite widespread cooperation regarding sustainability matters, which are of utmost importance in today’s interconnected world.

Ekonomernas Dagar has chosen four of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations to be of specific focus in this year’s fair. Every role and individual within the project group will aim to these goals and take them into consideration in their work.

GOAL 4: Quality education

As Ekonomernas Dagar is organised by students for students, one of our important goals is to provide valuable experiences as well as knowledge to all the participants - especially through the opportunities provided by the companies. By doing this, we wish to encourage students to be innovative in the sphere of both social and environmental sustainability.

GOAL 8: Decent Work And Economic Growth

Decent work and economic growth are of specific importance to Ekonomernas Dagar, since our primary objective is to connect students and companies and provide a platform especially for younger people to reach rewarding employment. We also want to find ways to encourage sustainable economic development both at home in Sweden and abroad.

GOALS 11 and 12: Sustainable cities and communities & Responsible consumption and production

As a contrast to the current culture of disposability, we will aspire to build our fair by taking advantage of the most environmentally sustainable options as possible as well as to carry our responsibility in terms of social sustainability in times of Covid-19. In addition, we will encourage all participants, both students and company representatives, to climate compensate their carbon footprint – if there is one – in terms of their participation in the fair.

Come join us, Sustainably

In practice, Ekonomernas Dagar will strive for opting for the most environmentally-friendly option in every turn of decision making, ranging from sponsored goods to marketing and practical matters during the fair as well as the events preceding it. When a solution is not as optimal as possible in terms of sustainability, it is attempted to climate compensate to the greatest extent possible. Furthermore, during these unprecedented times, Ekonomernas Dagar will aim at developing the sustainability aspect of the whole fair even further by unique and exciting innovations that will hopefully set the tone for the future fairs yet to be arranged. Through arranging a digital fair, we now have the chance to take sustainability to another level and contribute to making this world a better place to live for everyone and everything. More information of how exactly all this is going to be done will follow – so stay tuned for Ekonomernas Dagar 2022!